First Aid

Course Fee
1 Days
Classroom based

Multiple choice exams and practical assessment.

Result & Certificate
0 – 3 days
minimum age


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I learn on this course?

The First Aid at Work Training Course will prepare you to provide treatment in emergency situations where an individual falls ill or injures themselves. You will learn how best to handle individuals in shock, burn victims and bleeding wounds, as well how to administer CPR. In addition, you will become familiar with associated equipment such as defibrillators, to assist you with providing treatment. Intervention by a Certified First Aider can make a huge difference in an individual's recovery. In some instances, First Aid Training can save lives!... Read More

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When people suddenly fall ill or get injured, temporary and instant treatment is needed to be given to the victim before he is rushed to the hospital. First Aid is that instant treatment that can be given to the victims when arrangements are being made to take the victim to the hospital. If you want to receive training in emergency first aid, this is the course to go for. It is best suited for nominated first aiders in small, low-risk working environments. You need to have a knowledge of First Aid as anybody even in your family can meet with an accident anywhere and in that case, you can at least give him the initial medication instead of watching his condition deteriorating. First Aid Courses are very important as these professionals are able to help the victims until they do not get medical aid.

First Aid Courses are useful for everyone. Whenever one of our family members falls sick or gets injured, he can be taken care of before reaching the hospital, if anyone in the family has proper knowledge of First Aid. People with proper knowledge of First Aid can save the life of the victim and can avoid the condition of the victim from worsening as well. If the condition of the victim is serious they can initiate a treatment process which can save his life at least. There are a number of such conditions in which First Aid plays a very important role. Heart attack, stroke, poisoning, severe bleeding, and cessation of breathing are conditions in which patients need immediate attention. If it is done, the life of the patient might be saved.

Through taking the First Aid Courses, people are taught how to apply splints, artificial respiration, how to bandage, treat fainting, frostbite, shocks, stings, bites, and burns, etc. and also how to handle even very dangerous conditions. Many Training Institutes offer First Aid Courses with the help of a team of professional trainers who are experts in this profession and can guide you well through First Aid training.

Teaching Method: Classroom-based

Course Duration: 1 day.

Course Fee: £60