First Aid

The First Aid at Work Training Course will prepare you to provide treatment in emergency situations where an individual falls ill or injures themselves. You will learn how best to handle individuals in shock, burn victims and bleeding wounds, as well how to administer CPR. In addition, you will become familiar with associated equipment such as defibrillators, to assist you with providing treatment. Intervention by a Certified First Aider can make a huge difference in an individual's recovery. In some instances, First Aid Training can save lives!

The way the First Aid at Work Training Course is assessed varies between training providers. One assessment component that is universal is the on-going or continuous assessment, where the trainer observes your class participation to see if you have grasped how to administer treatment. Other assessments which are increasingly common for the First Aid at Work Training Course are written. These are typically multiple-choice and cover course material. Assessments are usually at the end of your course. You will be told how assessments will be conducted at the start of your First Aid at Work Training by your trainer.

Security Industry Authority (SIA) has made the Emergency First Aid at Work training a prerequisite qualification for joining the Door Supervisor course. If you do not have the EFAW qualification you need to join the EFAW First Aid training before the Door Supervisor course start date.